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Going back a few decades, garages were purely somewhere to park your car and store your tools. They were practical and functional, providing a great area for additional storage. However, these days many people are considering how their garage spaces could be put to better use.

Often, garages are seen as a bit of wasted space, especially if they’re just accumulating bits and bobs that you don’t want to keep in the house. A standard garage is a great size to convert into a multitude of different purposes. From a home gym to a workshop, the possibilities are endless.

At Garage Floors Direct, our team are experts in helping our customers find the right flooring to suit their individual needs. In this article we’ll discuss our top ways to convert your garage.

Inside of an old garage

1. Home Gym:

One of the most popular ways to convert your garage is to turn it into a home gym. After the Covid-19 pandemic and the seemingly endless lockdowns, there has been a sharp rise in the popularity of at-home workouts – therefore having a designated space for exercise has become more important than ever. In fact, research suggests that over half (52.25%) of UK consumers have carried out home workouts since 2020.

You can easily transform your garage into a functional and stylish gym by installing PVC garage flooring or garage floor tiles. PVC garage flooring is durable, slip-resistant, and easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for a home gym. 

Plus, to make the space even more inspirational, you can also add mirrors, weights, and other equipment to create a space that is tailored to your workout routine.

Home Gym

2. Workshop:

If you’re a DIY fanatic, you probably long to have your own space in which you can carry out your work and store your tools and equipment. 

From woodwork through to mechanics, there are a wide variety of different activities you can carry out in a workshop, and a converted garage could make the perfect place to do it! 

Converting your garage into a workshop does not require a lot of work – in fact, it could be as simple as adding a lick of paint to the walls, adding storage solutions such as shelving units and building a workbench for the new room to suit your needs. 

We would also recommend thinking about the type of flooring you would need in your garage workshop. If you are carrying out work which could include spillages, consider whether a PVC garage floor could be a good addition. PVC flooring is anti-slip, durable and easy to clean, meaning that it could be ideal for your workshop.

It’s also really simple to install and comes in a tile format, so all you need to do is slot it into place and you’re ready to go!


3. Music studio:

Are your kids learning to play an instrument at school? Do you have a band and you need somewhere to practise? Or do you want a space where you can simply kick back and enjoy your record collection?

A converted garage could make the perfect music studio for all the family.

Garages can be easily soundproofed with special equipment for the walls, plus the installation of PVC garage flooring can also help absorb sound waves. Plus, many garages are not connected to the main house, providing even more noise protection – ideal if your teenager likes to play the drums!

You can get creative with the decoration in your music studio, including popping up music posters, adding mood lighting, or even adding some comfy seating such as beanbags.

Music studio

4. Home office:

Working from home or working remotely continues to be on the rise, with 24% of employees reportedly working remotely in 2022. As a result, many people want to have their own, separate space in which to do their work so that the boundaries between work and homelife don’t get too blurred.

Garage conversions make an ideal option for a home office – providing a space away from the main home where you can concentrate on your work.

You can make the garage as homely as you like, creating a personal desk set up, storage for paperwork, and even a coffee station when you need some refuelling.

Garages can become a little cold, especially during the winter months, so you will want to ensure that you have some kind of heating in place (for example an electric heater). Plus, the floor you have in your garage can actually have an impact on the temperature in it as well. 

A special garage floor, such as PVC tiles, can actually provide some insulation properties, meaning that you can help keep your home office warm, even on the coldest of days!

Home office

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