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There is no denying that the cost of living crisis continues to bite, with energy bills skyrocketing in recent months. Sadly, the huge energy prices show no sign of reducing any time soon – in fact they’re expected to continue to climb for the foreseeable future. As a result many homeowners are turning to new, innovative ways to help reduce their energy bills.

Keeping our homes warm and comfortable, particularly during the winter months, is a key priority for many property owners. Whether it’s turning the thermostat down a few degrees, wearing a few extra layers or adding additional insulation to doors and windows to keep drafts out, there are lots of changes we can make to conserve heat in our homes. But have you thought about cost effective, efficient ways you can keep outbuildings, such as garages, warm during the cold season? And have you considered how the garage floor could be insulated to moderate the temperature?

Could PVC Flooring Help Insulate Your Garage and Save Money on your Energy Bills

Why is my garage floor so cold?

If you regularly use your garage to work on your car or vehicle, or even use it as a home gym, you’ll be well aware of the impact cold weather can have on the temperature inside the room, in particular the garage floor can often be freezing! 

Many garages are a separate building to our homes and they usually don’t have any kind of heating inside them. As a result, the temperature can drop considerably and garages can become unwelcome areas which are unused and unloved in autumn and winter.

Why is my garage floor so cold?

However, the type of flooring you have in your garage can actually have a huge impact on how warm the room stays.

Generally, a typical garage floor is made from poured concrete, which can be absolutely freezing under foot. Concrete doesn’t retain any residual heat and actually draws heat away from your feet when you walk on it, making it feel even colder. You may have an electric heater in your garage to help regulate the temperature in there, however it will end up using more energy and costing you more money in the long run as the concrete garage floor has no insulating properties whatsoever.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your garage floor, you may want to consider an option which is kinder on your feet and kinder on your energy bills!

Could PVC garage flooring be the answer?

In short – yes. PVC garage flooring could help transform your garage from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a warmth point of view too. Plus, PVC garage flooring is also inexpensive, meaning you can achieve great value for money.Technically, PVC garage floors are a poor conductor of heat, working in a similar way to cavity wall insulation and fibreglass. This reduces the transfer of heat energy and means that heat cannot pass through the PVC flooring and be lost under the floor.

Could PVC garage flooring be the answer?

Does PVC garage flooring offer any other benefits?

PVC garage floors are extremely tough and durable. Therefore, if you are carrying out mechanical work in the garage, or you would like to use it as a home gym for lifting weights, you can be sure that the PVC garage floor will fit the bill and remain in good condition.

Additionally, often garages suffer from persistent damp issues which again can create an unwelcome environment and actually make the area feel even colder. PVC garage flooring can actually help reduce damp in your garage by stopping moisture leaking up through the ground.

How are PVC garage floors installed?

PVC garage floors come in rolls and are fitted to your exact specifications depending on how big your garage is. The flooring can be fitted yourself, you simply need to cut the material to size to ensure a snug fit over the floor. 

Ensure the concrete floor is clean and dust free before you start the installation process, and take your time to ensure a smooth finish.

At Garage Floors Direct we’re experts in all things garage floors, and have a wide range of options available for a variety of requirements, including PVC garage flooring. Speak to one of our friendly team today to find out what garage floor would work best for your needs.

How are PVC garage floors installed

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