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All too often, our garages can become wasted spaces, filled with garden tools, equipment or simply used as a storage space for accumulated junk. Gone are the days when most homeowners would park their cars in their garage. In fact, the RAC estimates that almost 6 million garages in the UK aren’t used to store vehicles – that’s around half of all the garages in the country.
Garages are an ideal space to park your car, providing a safe space away from thieves (particularly important at the moment with the rise in car theft) whilst giving car owners an area to work on their car in a warm, sheltered place. So why are so many people abandoning their garages?
Here at Garage Floors Direct, we think one of the big reasons is the fact that garages can often be a very unwelcome place to be, particularly when it comes to cold concrete garage flooring.
In this blog post we’ll delve into a few ways you can transform your garage space to make it somewhere you’d want to spend some time.

How can a high quality garage floor can transform your garage space?

Upgrade your garage flooring

Your garage floor is probably something that you’ve not put much thought into over the years. The standard garage floor consists of a simple, poured concrete base which is smoothed over to create a level base to park your car on. As we all know, concrete can be extremely cold and hard, especially during the winter months when the weather is poor. As a result, it can leave the rest of the space feeling freezing.
By upgrading your garage floor with specialist garage floor tiles, you could create a much more inviting space.
Interlocking garage floor tiles can help transform your garage floor quickly and efficiently. They are available in a range of different thicknesses and materials, specifically designed for different uses including a heavy duty option. They also look aesthetically pleasing, covering up any old holes or flaking paint on your original garage floor, and they’re easy to maintain. Simply run a broom and mop over the garage floor tiles to get it looking spick and span.
Plus, installing interlocking garage flooring could help prolong the life of your original garage flooring and protect it from wear and tear over the years.

Add some insulation

Another option to create a more inviting space is to consider adding some insulation to your garage. If it is a standalone building it is likely to loose heat through the brick walls and garage floor. You don’t need to call the experts in to add insulation to your walls and it can be a fairly straightforward DIY job if you have the right skills and tools available.

You could also make use of a small heater in the corner of the garage to help warm the space up and keep it at a comfortable temperature. Rubber garage flooring can also be a solution to help keep in some of the warmth.

Add some insulation

Ensure the garage has good lighting

As well as upgrading your garage flooring and adding some insulation to keep the space warm, think about whether the garage is lit enough. You could find that if the area is dim, it will make it difficult to see your vehicle properly, especially if you need to carry out some maintenance on it.
Adding some spot lights in the ceiling could make all the difference.

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Why choose a garage floor from Garage Floors Direct?

As the name suggests, at Garage Floors Direct we’re experts in all things garage flooring. From choosing the right garage floor for your needs, through to advising you on the best way to maintain it, our team is on hand to support you make the right choice.
We’re dedicated to making garage flooring easy.

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