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Once you’ve purchased your new garage floor tiles from Garage Floors Direct, it’s time to fit them into your garage. 

It’s quick and easy to fit new garage flooring with these tips and tricks! 

What You’ll Need

Once you’ve gathered your equipment and tools, you can get stuck in! Read on to find out  how to fit your garage floor tiles… 

How to Fit Your Garage Floors: 

1.. Prepare and Clean the Garage Floor

Prepare the garage floor for the installation. Any large lumps and bumps of concrete will need removing with a chisel and hammer. Most of our tiles can be laid with slight undulations on the floor, anything up to a couple of millimetres is generally fine. For anything worse than this you will need to level holes and indentations with some self-levelling compound. If you are unsure you are welcome to contact us with a picture of your floor. A sloping floor is okay but wavy floors may cause issues. Check for levels.

2.. Clean the Garage Floor 

Sweeping the floor

Once all of the excess concrete has been removed, and any holes/indentations patched up and dried, you will need to sweep the floor with a broom. Clean all debris and dust from the garage. After you’ve swept the floor you can give it a good clean with some hot soapy water. Once this has dried we advise leaving the tiles in small stacks in the area to be tiled for 24-48hrs to acclimatise.

3.. Work Front to Back

Start at the front with your entrance ramps first (where applicable). Interlock one row of tiles together at the front of your garage. Open and shut the door a couple of times to ensure it does not catch on the tiles. Make any adjustments necessary.  Be sure to leave at least a 1cm expansion gap around the edge of the tiles where they come up against any fixtures or walls (particularly if laying the tiles in cooler months)

5. Secure the Tiles Together

Fitting Garage tiles

When you’re satisfied with the fit of the first row, join the tiles together and secure them with your rubber mallet.  

6. Measure the Distance from the Wall

Measure the gap from the floor tiles to the wall on either side. Adjust the tiles until the gap on either side is even.  

7. Fit the Rest of the Tiles

Now you have the floor tiles lined up, you can fit the rest of the tiles. Use the rubber mallet to hammer the edges down. Leave out any tiles that will need cutting. Using this laying technique you will have evenly sized cut tiles on both sides of your garage, which we believe looks more professional when finished.

8. Cut Tiles

For a straight cut, flip the tile against the wall and mark where it needs to be cut. Cut the tile with a guillotine or a utility knife. Note, tiles are very strong and durable, it can be difficult to cut them with a knife. It will be far easier to use a guillotine, tile cutter or jigsaw. For an intricate cut, you will need to use your ruler to measure the gap. Mark this measurement on the underside of the tile. Complete the cut using a utility knife and a ruler. Install your cut tiles using the same method outlined above. Even if it’s for the use of garage gym flooring.

9. Sweep and Clean the Garage

Your tiles have now been fitted! Sweep and clean the garage floor to get rid of any loose debris. 

10. All Done!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your garage tiles. Your new tiles are all ready to be used and enjoyed. We advise avoiding placing heavy items on the mats for aroudn 24hrs folllowing the initial install

Fitted tiles

Tips and Tricks

Thanks for choosing Garage Floors Direct. We’re always available to answer any of your questions or queries. Contact us at or by phone on 01206 390 572.  

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